About Us

BringMeFood.com is an online ordering web portal giving customers access to restaurants and other businesses that are registered on our site. BringMeFood passes orders placed by customers to the desirted business. That business will satisfy the order in all respects - preparing the goods and arranging delivery if required. 

BringMeFood.com was first conceived around 2005 when the internet was still in its relative infancy. An early version was created using dial-up internet and a 33k modem. Orders were sent to the restaurant via email and then automatically printed to a standard A4 inkjet printer. The idea was correct but it was a little too early in terms of internet availability and hardware technology. Whilst orders were being processed, paying the mortgage and other pressures required that we cease operations for the time being.

Years later, once families were grown up, broadband internet was in most househods, 4G mobile internet was in almost everbody's hands, improved and more cost-effective hardware we decided to revive the project. A new software solution was sourced and work carried out to build it into the same comprehensive solution that we had created so many years previously.

We are now able to offer online ordering that is cost-effective for business operators and easy to use for customers. We are adding interesting functionality for both customers and businesses which will differentiate BringMeFood.com from the competition. 

We are looking forward to building a valuable proposition with one of the best names in the business - BringMeFood.com.  We realise that we can do that only if we have strong values - quality of service, functionality, cost effectiveness, reliability for customer and business partners. These are aspects that are in the forefront of our minds in everything that we do. 

Suggestions on improvements or even identification of issues can be sent to us by email at [email protected]