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How do you throw the perfect party?
Learn how to envision your event,
plan a menu and guest list,
choose a caterer and stay on budget.
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For the host

  • 1
    Plan your party.
  • 2
    Choose your favourite Restaurant/Business.
  • 3
    Let us know about your party - What, When,
    Where, Who, etc.
  • 4
    Choose menu items/products that you want
    to make available for the party.
  • 5
    Set a budget on the maximum order value of
    an invitee
For the invitee

  • 1
    Invitee clicks on the email link to confirm      participation.
  • 2
    Products selected by host are displayed.
  • 3
    Invitee will be able to add items to Invitee      cart (upto the available budget).
  • 4
    Confirmation of invitee cart will add it to     the Party cart.
Host confirmation

  • 1
    Check pending invitations.
  • 2
    In case invitee is interested to join the     party, but is unable to place the order     online, host will be able to place the order     on Invitee's behalf.
  • 3
    Confirm party order by providing Billing/     Shipping information, Payment information,     etc.
Get ready for the party

  • 1
    Business is intimated about your order.
  • 2
    Business prepares the food for     Delivery/Collection/Eatin.
  • 3
    Enjoy the party.